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"No one would have imagined that the Pingshan Art Museum would mark the first anniversary of its new establishment on this bleak March day. It's a moment to remember. Each person, each institution, is trying to adjust itself toward the summer of unknown and hope. We stand at this waypoint, looking back, looking forward. We record, contemplate, imagine and celebrate with art. Life goes on, art accompanies, and we appreciate the attention and help of friends in the past year. Together, we look forward to the year ahead, when Pingshan Art Museum will continue to present many more excitements and splendor."

- LIU Xiaodu, Director, Pingshan Art Museum

The year 2020 will be different than ever because of the coronavirus that spread across the world. We have seen the suffering and pain brought by the pandemic, and we have also experienced the will and strength to unite against it! LU Xun wrote in "This Is Life Too": "Distances away, countless people, all related to me." The persistence of the retrograde and ordinary people who emerged from this disaster is the best illustration of this statement.

On March 30, 2020, the PAM celebrates its first anniversary. On this memorable occasion, the Museum compiles the efforts and achievements of the past year, and launch a series of events such as "Anniversary Chronicle", "A Message to the Art Museum", online lectures on contemporary art, virtual museum, Chinese contemporary art yearbook and other special events, covering the wonderful beginning of the PAM and a future full of possibilities. When the sun rises as usual, life slowly returns, PAM will be with you all, to spread the value of contemporary art and explore the new frontier of aesthetics practices.



On Now


Coined synchronicity by the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), contemplations on meaningful coincidences and timelessness are reflected upon at Synchronicity, the first contemporary art exhibition of Pingshan Art Museum (PAM). The structure of the exhibition echoes the title presented in a parallel relationship. Curator LI Zhenhua described the exhibition as "seven personal stories in flashback", which connects the creative logic of the seven artists in their own language, geography and intellectual experience of time. In the late 1980s, for example, Roman Signer was introduced to the art academies in China via publications and videos, and was widely studied. 

In 2011, with the support of Documenta Kassel, Helmhaus, the Swiss Cultural Foundation, and the New Times Media Art Center, Roman Signa's works have been on a series of touring exhibitions in China, the first of which was held at the China Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum and co-curated by Qiu Zhijie and LI Zhenhua. In the course of the project, XU Wenkai, HU Jieming, LÜ Shengzhong, QIU Zhijie, Wang Jianwei and other artists were linked by two lectures in Shanghai and Beijing in 2011, and behind the seemingly coincidental meetings, the artists are constantly tracing their own temporal clues, asking for the driving force of their creative change and exploring their own ways of connecting with the outside world.

This exhibition at PAM is considered by LI Zhenhua as "a wrap-up of the project". He specifically invited this group of artists who share the same moment to exhibit, selected works by each artist created during a particular period of transition or under a particular historical event. The exhibition seeks to extend discussion of new realities and issues in the progress of contemporary art history, between the commonalities and identities that intersect with each other.

Featuring works by:
aaajiao (XU Wenkai) | Michael BODENMANN | HU Jieming | LÜ Shengzhong | QIU Zhijie | Barbara SIGNER | Roman SIGNER | WANG Jianwei

LI Zhenhua

Supported by:
Pro Helvetia | Yuz Museum | Long March Space | Aike gallery | Helu Expo

Organized by:
Pingshan Art Museum | Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Pingshan District

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Chirp: Art Camping




For two weeks, nearly 15 groups of artists/groups are stationed in Pingshan to create live artworks, inviting the public to interact with the arts. The theme, "Chirp - Art Camping" for exchanges and communication, is inspired by the lifestyle of young people in the south, such as camping, music and film festivals in a warm climate.

Pingshan Art Museum's deputy director Li Yao, has taken art out of the museum's architectural box and brought it into public and outdoor spaces. In conjunction with the rise of second-generation artists, the Public Art Season has commissioned a number of young artists/compositions that are active in or directly connected to the Pearl River Delta.

According to LI Yao, "I wish for the lifestyle of camping to be linked with the practice of contemporary art, making interpretation in the public space with the connotations of artistic practice in linking with others' presence, participation, transcendence, etc."

Using the outdoor terrace on the 5th floor of the PAM, the Ping Shan Cultural Complex and the Central Park as a temporary camp, the artists will engage in wandering, camping, dialogue and creation, presenting cross-media artworks involving objects, sound, video, play, language and body.

Featuring works by:
Shenzhen Ting|Mountain River Jump! |ZHU Xiang|See You Tomorrow|Jiu Society|LIU Xiaoqing|YE Su|Lu Wei HD Channel|LI Liao|CUI Yingting|Wen Jie Jun Jie

Organized by:
LI Yao, Pingshan Art Museum;

Unknown city




"Unknown City: Installation and Imagery on Chinese Contemporary Architecture" is the first exhibition at Pingshan Art Museum (PAM), joined by numerous practitioners related to the field of architecture in China's 40 years of rapid urbanization. During the time, the architects designed the city themselves, but were also "bewildered" by the city, as the urban space became ever uncertain and complex. This paradoxical cycle of material creation and cultural disintegration undoubtedly has deep philosophical connotations. Whether in urban culture or the study of architecture, in contemporary art or philosophy, the "unknown city" is a proposition worthy of in-depth study.

"Unknown City" is symbolizes a nebulous definition of cities of the past, present and future, as well as an imaginary space with no limits. The certainty of the city is in danger of being shattered by future architects. So what is the real "city itself" in our minds? The answers to this question may be very different. The discussion revolving the questions through special forms of expression, such as space installations and imagery, is the main goal of this exhibition.

Academic Advisors:
CUI Kai, Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering
WANGJianguo, Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering
MENG Jianmin, Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering
YAO Dajun, Professor, China Academy of Art

Academic Hosts:
LI Xiangning, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University
ZHOU Rong, Professor, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University

Curated by:
ZHANG Yuxing, YE Cheng, HAN Jing

BING YI | BU Bing | BU Xiaojun, ZHANG Jiyuan | CHEN Danping, YANG Heng, LIAO Jun | CHENG Bo, LI Bo, YU Dao | CUI Kai | DA She, YIN Yi |DONG Gong|DU Pingping, Lu Andong|FEI Xiaohua, FENG Lu, HE He|Hua Li|Hui Zao She|KE Wei|Binke Lenhardt, DONG Hao|LI Hu, HUANG Wenjing|LI Li|LIU Ge Shu, ZHONG Qishu, CHEN Lei|LIU Heng|LIU Jiakun|LIU Kecheng, YU Quan, HE Ye, LIU Wei|ZHANG Jun | LIU Xiaodu|LIU Yu Yang|LUO Yujie|MENG Jianmin, LIU Yang Yang, YI Yu|Aube Design|QIU Huikang, SUI Jianguo, LI Feng|TANG Kangshuo, ZHANG Miao, TANG Hua, TANG Mengchan|Tianjin Urban Planning and Design Institute, TONG Ming|WANG Hui|WANG Jianguo, YANG Junyan|WANG Jingjing|WANG Shu, LU Wenyu, CHEN Lichao|WANG Yun|WANG zigeng|WEI Chunyu, HU Biao, ZHOU Boqing, HE Min|WU Junyong|HU Dongliang|YANG Xiaodi|YANG Yongliang|YANG Zhijiang|YANG Zhiyi, CHENG Wenjie, YAO Lu|YAO Dajun, CAI Yuxiao, XU Lin, WENG Yixuan|YE Cheng |YU Ting|YUAN Feng|YUAN Shun|ZHANG Ming, ZHANG Zi|ZHANG Bin, ZHOU Wei, LI Danfeng, ZHOUJianjia|ZHANG Chen, ZHANG Dali Design, Elephant Space|ZHANG Jianheng|ZHANG Jiajing|ZHANG Kaiqin|ZHANG Lei, CHENYingjie|ZHANG Yingpeng|ZHANG Yonghe|ZHANG Yuxing Hanjing|ZHANG Zhiyang|ZHOU Shi|ZHANG Yong|ZHU Jingxiang|ZHU Xiaodi|ZHU Xiaofeng|ZHUANG Shen, REN Hao, TANG Yu, ZHU Jie|ZHUANG Ziyu

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Four Seasons Salon: 




Four Seasons Salon, an academic salon initiated and hosted by the Pingsan Art Museum and co-curated by Da Bian Lu, an art media platform, is a recurring event throughout four seasons.

The inaugural salon, held in October 2019, established a live scene of dialogue between architecture and contemporary art, opening multiple interfaces of local cultural understanding. Four Seasons sets itself apart from lectures and thematic academic forums, with "Dialogue" being a key feature, putting conversations at the forefront.


Each session is 45 minutes long; 3 separate sessions are held in each salon; both sides of the session need to prepare questions for each other in advance and present them on the same screen; the contents of the sessions are organized and released in the media.

Conversations will be transformed into a pamphlet to facilitate communication with the industry and to reach a larger audience.


ZHOU Rong, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, Associate Editor-in-Chief, World Architecture Magazine

ZHANG Yuxing, Curator of "Unknown City: Chinese Contemporary Architecture Installation Exhibition", Founder and Lead Designer of ARCity Office

ZHAO Rong, Deputy Director, China Merchants Shekou-Design Society

FENG Yuan, Professor, School of Communication and Design, Sun Yat-sen University, Director, Center for Visual Culture Research, Sun Yat-sen University

LIU Xiaodu, Director of Pingshan Art Museum, Founding Partner of URBANUS Urban Practice Architects, Lead Architect

YE Cheng, Curator of "Unknown City: Chinese Contemporary Architecture Installation Video Exhibition", Founder/Executive Architect, Wild City Factory

CHEN Xiaoyang, Deputy Director of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Co-founder of the Yuan Museum

WANG Yuan, Professor, School of Architecture, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, New Construction Magazine

CHEN Dong, artist, lecturer at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, School of Chinese Painting Founder of the Borges Bookshop and its artistic institution (CANTONBON)

ZHANG Dali, Founder and Creative Director of Elephant Space, Member of AGI, International Designers Union, SGDA Academic Member of Shenzhen Graphic Design Association

HU Bin, Professor, College of Arts and Humanities, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Executive Deputy Director, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Museum

ZHONG Gang, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of "The Edge Furnace

CHEN Boqi, Researcher, OCAT Shenzhen Pavilion

LI Yao, Deputy Director, Shenzhen Pingshan Art Museum

HAN Jing, PhD, Tongji University, Founder of Shanghai Half Storey Bookstore, Curator of "Unknown City: Chinese Contemporary Architecture Installation Exhibition".

FAN Lin, Professor, School of Arts and Humanities, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

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